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How SafeNight works

SafeNight allows your agency to request emergency funding from known donors via a mobile app. When there’s a need to place a survivor in a hotel room, your agency staff can quickly send a donation request to supporters of your organization, who will receive the request on their smartphone. With a few swipes on their phone, a supporter can fund the urgent hotel stay, and your organization is reimbursed for the hotel costs. The SafeNight app is now available to qualifying 501(c)3 DV organizations that receive funding for DV shelter or shelter placement services.

Next Steps


1. Read and sign the Agreement found below.


2. Watch this recorded webinar to find out how SafeNight works.


3. Be on the lookout for a verification email, then click the link to verify your account. Once your account is verified, you can start using the service.


4. Invite supporters to download SafeNight. When you send a request to fund a hotel stay, supporters who connect to your organization will receive an alert and have an opportunity to fund alternative shelter.



"SafeNight has increased our capacity to provide safe shelter for a variety of situations, in addition to when our shelter is full. As a smaller organization that doesn’t have 24/7 staffing, SafeNight helps expand our resources.”


Jeanne Spurr, Executive Director

Alternatives to Violence, Red Bluff, CA