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SafeNight In Texas

AdvanceNet Labs works with Caravan Studios and local domestic violence service organization to bring SafeNight to Texas.  Headquartered in Dallas, TX, the international social sector technology organization brings together the Texas community to take a stand against domestic violence and ensure everyone can have a safe night.
AdvanceNet Labs encourages the use of SafeNight in the Texas area. As part of this service, AdvanceNet Labs engages individuals to become donors who use the SafeNight app to fund safe alternative shelter for survivors of domestic violence. AdvanceNet Labs also provides support to agencies that use SafeNight at their organization.


Do you want to help?

You can provide a safe night for a person in need. Simply download the SafeNight app, register and set up your profile. When someone is in need, you receive an alert on your phone and have an opportunity to sponsor a hotel room.

You Can Contact Us To Learn More

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If this is an emergency, please call 24/7 1-800-799-SAFE or 1.800.7873224 TTY


Are you a Texas-based Shelter Who Wants to Use SafeNIght?


SafeNight is available to all sheltering and placement organizations who are registered as 501(c)(3) or are tribal organizations.

How SafeNight Works



The donor downloads SafeNight and creates a profile. And then just carries their phone.


The individual in need contacts an appropriate community support agency or hotline.


The case manager determines that a hotel is an appropriate placement and inputs a request for hotel room funding.


The donor receives an alert, which provides an opportunity to pay for a hotel room via a donation to the requesting organization.


No client information or hotel information is entered or exchanged in SafeNight.

Everyone Deserves a Violence Free Life


On September 10, 2014, there were 515 unmet requests for shelter.


SafeNight can be part of meeting the need for those people and others. AdvanceNet Labs and the connected group of advocates, case managers, and donors are committed to changing those numbers. SafeNight’s presence in Texas will connect those in urgent need of shelter with a safe place to stay.

CBS Dallas Fort Worth

Smart Phone App Helps Secure Rooms for Domestic Violence Survivors


“Almost every domestic violence shelter in North Texas is at capacity. But a Frisco woman is among a handful of people helping the situation by using the SafeNight app.


On Wednesday night, there were 13 battered women in Collin, Dallas and Denton counties that shelters were trying to find emergency hotel rooms for. The people paying for those rooms used the app to do so.”



AdvanceNet Labs has received support from the following groups in their efforts to bring SafeNight to Texas.

About AdvanceNet Labs

AdvanceNet Labs is an international social sector technology organization with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, USA. This innovative NGO develops platforms to unlock the private sector’s capacity to profitably engage in the social sector, empowering transformational change for the less fortunate and those in crisis. 


Follow AdvanceNet Labs on Twitter @advancenetlabs.

Are you a journalist who is interested in SafeNight in Texas?


Download the press kit.

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